The Super Elixir Challenge

The Super Elixir – 30 Day Challenge

Just over a month ago, I took the 30-day Super Elixir challenge, that we stock here at the Orchard Spa. The Alkalising Greens Super Elixir was created by Elle MacPherson and leading nutritional expert Dr Simone Laubscher (See – the world’s finest organic wholefood supplement company). Since stocking the WelleCo product range (including the Nourishing Chocolate Protein and soon the Sleep Welle range) I’ve been dying to get my hands on it – the smoothies that Jay whips up each weekend at Elsa’s have been going down such a storm.

So what is it and why take it?
The supplement contains 45 natural ingredients consisting of Pre and Pro Biotics, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes, omega 3, vitamins and minerals. The powder is absorbed on a cellular level, which, (according to the scientists!) keeps the body at a desired alkaline range. By doing so, it is suggested that inflammation problems in the body are less likely to develop – and as Elle MacPherson says, an alkaline body is a healthy body!

I must admit, in the past, I have been put off taking other green powders due to artificial ingredients and preservatives. The Super Elixir is 100% natural and has a huge nutritional value. Plus, it has been developed by leading experts and has an amazing reputation.

How and when to take it
It is a once daily supplement to a balanced and healthy diet. 2 teaspoons mixed with iced water, juices, smoothies, yoghurts or even a sprinkle on food does just the trick. I would recommend always using a blender to avoid the powdery texture and take in a morning for an energy boost. The taste is better than I expected, it’s lightly citrusy and faintly sweet. A favourite recipe for me was to whizz up organic coconut yoghurt, almond milk and fresh berries for a tasty, kind to tummy morning smoothie.

After 30 Days
Having the Elixir smoothie each morning set me up for the day. It puts you in a positive frame of mind from the time you get up and helps resist the temptation of a less nutritious breakfast!

It took about a week for me to notice any real changes and the first thing for me was the condition of my hair, nails and skin. As a sufferer of skin breakouts, for me, this was definitely something that stood out. I generally felt happier, healthier and had a more positive attitude about my health in general.

Interestingly, it was when I stopped taking the powder that I noticed a big change in myself. I felt more bloated, tired and my immunity dropped. I truly believe we are what we eat and taking the Super Elixir felt like I was feeding my body with some goodness. I’ll be getting it back into my daily routine ASAP, and look forward to enjoying their other products, including vanilla and chocolate proteins. Lots of recipes use both, to create a layered smoothie bowl – nutritious, and because of the organic vegetarian protein, it’ll keep you full for longer too.

Charlotte Southan is the Spa Manager at the Orchard Spa

The Super Elixir is available in the Orchard spa for £96.00 (approximately a month supply), and the 7-day starter kit is available for £23.00. Also stocked is the Nourishing Protein, for £48.00.

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