Interview John Hitchcox, co-founder of the Lakes by yoo

What was the idea behind the Lakes by yoo?

My vision was to build a community where parents and kids can enjoy themselves and enjoy nature. Living in the city is great but there is nothing better than being able to retreat into a peaceful home in the country side to spend quality time with the family and see your friends – as they live next door!

It’s been fantastic to see the Lakes grow and develop – we have a spa and educational programme for kids now and just acquired another 200 acres to build a few more houses. It has a real community feel and I go there to relax and spend time with my family whenever I can.

What do you love most about the Lakes by yoo?

I love the sense of community and the tranquillity living in nature provides. It’s so relaxing and re-charges your batteries.

Above all, it’s a place where I love to spend time with my family, where we have time to connect and enjoy each other’s’ company. The kids love all the activities on offer and spending time with the Lake friends!

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