An insiders guide to the Lakes

Julie Harris, sales consultant at the Lakes knows the place like the back of her hand. Growing up in the nearby beautiful Cotswold town of Cirencester she began with the Lakes by Yoo at its beginnings and has seen the site grow. She took some time to give us some pearls of wisdom about the Lakes and surrounding areas.

James: You’ve seen the complete process from creation to the present, what are some of the big changes you’ve seen at the Lakes as it has grown over the years
Julie: Back in 2007 when I joined The Lakes we only had a couple of show homes and a small estates office where we would all sit around a table. Over the years the lakes has grown into the most amazing private estate and has kept its natural beauty throughout. I have seen houses go up, lovely families move in and a community develop with lovely clients. The team has grown and we have fortunately kept some cool team members over the years so we have all seen the changes together. When the spa came on board I feel this was the biggest change as we were all so excited – this was the icing on the cake. Every day something new happens and we look forward to new facilities. I am looking forward to having a little shop and a nice restaurant and many more exciting new things to come!

James: What is your favourite season at the Lakes and why?
Julie: I am a winter person at heart and love nothing more than on a cold winters day to go home and snuggle up by the fire. The Lakes in the winter is stunning. A few years back we had lots of snow and the lakes froze. It was a scene out of Narnia! The woodland barn has a beautiful big fire so it was great last winter to be able to make the house cosy. When we put the Christmas tree up it looked so festive. I am slightly torn now though with Spring as it’s been so pretty seeing all the trees come to life ready for a new season. All the animal’s babies are pretty cute to see too.

James: You have been a part of sales from the very first house, do you have a favourite?
Julie: I think it is fair to say that there are an awful lot of properties where I have MASSIVE house envy. Each house is differently designed with such unique features. If only I could purchase one haha! All the new designs with swimming pools are rather cool. I could imagine having a lovely BBQ with a few glasses of wine surrounded by family and friends – bliss.

James: What do you think is the secret recipe that makes the Lakes such a special place.
Julie: I think the exclusive community here at the lakes is such an important factor. We have lots of like-minded clients all wanting to escape the hustle and bustle and relax in such beautiful surroundings. When people come here they are instantly relaxed so it really gives off a good vibe! This coupled with some of the most amazing property designs and facilities really do set the lakes apart from anything else (Anyone would think I work in sales)

James: You also live in the Cotswolds, what is your favourite place to visit?
Julie: The list is endless. I love the lavender fields in Broadway, on a sunny day the beauty is insane! The quaint village of Bibury is also a lovely place to explore – Arlington Row is stunning. In the summer months Cirencester Park Polo club is also a fabulous place to visit. What’s better than sitting on a picnic blanket with champagne in Cirencester park watching the Royals?! I am fortunate to have grown up in Cirencester which is the capital of the Cotswolds. Clients always ask where my favourite place is but its hard to answer as there are so many. Cirencester is so beautiful and offers farmers markets to boutique shopping with fabulous restaurants. My walk to the local pub is across a beautiful farm entering into a beautiful village with stunning Cotswold stone properties and thatched roofs. I think I take things for granted but I have to say when I return home from London along the Kemble train tracks I instantly feel happier (albeit London was probably a blast!)

James: A little birdie tells me you’re quite the dancer at the Lakes Xmas party, what is your favourite song to dance to?
Julie: OK so I probably do indulge with a little backward dancing once a year. After a few sneaky glasses my legs like to try and dance as to songs…… I don’t know, normally the boss takes over the sound system and some weird tunes get belted out…..personally I would rather a bit of cheesy tunes to dance too but either way we all end up on the dance floor having fun!

Thank you Julie.

For sales and information you can contact Julie here:
+44 (0) 1367 250 066

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